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Virus prevention, detection, and outbreak management for school districts

About Us

Our Mission

Covid Clinic is a non-profit organization that aims to end the pandemic and improve community access to healthcare:

Our K12 Solution

A Three-part Approach to Healthy Faculty, Students, and Communities across America.

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Data and Education

From educational video content to district-level medical consultation to our testing and vaccination data dashboard, your district will have the real-time, data-rich resources needed to make smart decisions.

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Screening, Testing, and Containment

Daily onsite screening, testing, and containment services create a safe environment for faculty and students without disrupting their normal schedule or educational experience.

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Vaccinations and Healthcare

We address the underlying causes of viral outbreaks on an individual and a district-wide scale.  Our kiosks provide vaccinations, boosters and healthcare for students, faculty, and their families in the most convenient way possible: on-site.