Our On-Campus Solution

Covid Clinic

Covid Clinic's Three Part Solution

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Data and Education

From educational video content to district-level medical consultation to our testing and vaccination data dashboard, your districts have the real-time, data-rich resources needed to make smart decisions.

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Screening, Testing, and Containment

Daily onsite screening, testing, and containment services create a safe environment for faculty and students without disrupting their normal schedule or educational experience.

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Vaccinations and Healthcare

We address the underlying causes of viral outbreaks on an individual and a district-wide scale.  Our kiosks provide vaccinations, boosters and healthcare for students, faculty, and their families in the most convenient way possible: on-site.

Screening and Testing Process

Professionalism and certifications

Covid Clinic employs over 1,000 individuals across 15 states.  Our employees are all certified and background checked prior to beginning work.  Each employee completes extensive Covid Clinic training in addition to any state-mandated training.

They are kind, compassionate professionals who act with the highest level of professionalism and under the guidance of the CDC and FDA.